"Taking care of palm trees is taking care of life"

You want to make a trip to plant a Palm Tree, 

Or you want to make a Palm Tree Trip to visit your planted Palm Tree. 

This is now possible!

This trip will be organized and conducted by our team and partners. 

During the planting trip, you will spend several mornings on the local farmers as a volunteer and observer to plant palm trees with them. You will also make various excursions to oasis valley in the area of Errachidia in Morocco. 

You will stay in the village of Jramna in Aoufous valley, near Errachidia. You can choose whether you want to stay in a hotel or with a local host family. In Errachidia there are several cafes and restaurants to spend pleasant evenings.

Cost is $ 600 (Euro) to participate in the program. This includes overnight stays (based on two people per room), three meals a day, transport and guidance. This does not include the flight ticket, but we can support / advise when booking the tickets.

All trips on the Palm Tree Trips are organized by our partners locally. In this way you provide extra support for the local economy and you are guided by people who personally live 'Morocco life'. JustPalmIt  supports you from the Netherlands to prepare you for the trip, together with fellow travelers. And after your return to give you tools to do something with your experiences.

If you already participated in planting an palm tree via Justpalmit, this is the opportunity to visit your planted palm tress! 

For questions or if you would like to receive an invitation for the informative meetings that we organize in the Netherlands, please contact us via contact@justpalmit.com or via our contact form.

More information on the program will be communicated soon! 

via Errachidia airport, with regular connections with Casablanca and Marrakech www.royalairmaroc.com

In Aoufous valley, 6 B&B and 2 campsites are gathered in a local organisation to promote fair and sustainable tourism. Each accommodation has it's own identity, specificities and charm. And of course each owner will take time to show you Aoufous vallew his way!

The Aoufous valley offers holidays based on the values of Fair Tourism and Ethics of AREMDT Network. Peace lovers, nature and authenticity : the Valley of Aoufous will offer scenery and unique discoveries


Every year, JustPalmit.com supports several trips in Morocco organized by our local partners of the Justpalmit.com. 

Every journey consists of learning and doing. You help farmers harvest dates or plant palm trees. In addition, you will visit various places and organizations, through which you learn a lot about the reality of life in Morocco oasis valley in a short time.

If you are interested in a trip or have questions, let us know via the contact form or send an e-mail: contact@justpalmit.com.

We organize a preparatory meeting prior to a trip (in the Netherlands) for the Dutch and Belgian participants. We are available for contact during the trip and organize a reunion or individual appointment after the trip.

Travel with purpose is becoming increasingly important for several reasons. One reason is that people are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of travel and are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, people are also looking for ways to make a positive impact on the communities they visit, whether that be through volunteering (VOLUNTARYWORK) or supporting local businesses. Finally, there is a growing desire among travelers to have a more meaningful and authentic travel experience, rather than just visiting tourist sites. As a result, many are choosing to travel with a purpose, such as volunteering, learning a new skill, or immersing themselves in a new culture.

WHY SHOULD you as our ambassadors DO THIS 

Escape your normal routine. Doing something meaningful, fun and new in an exciting location is a great way to spice up your life.
Your important contribution will very likely rejuvenate you, but be sure that plenty of relaxed, luxurious fun is a must on our adventures!
The super, meaningful experience of doing good for others feels… well… super!
Expose yourself to new traditions, languages and cultures by exploring new countries!
Gain the ultimate sense of accomplishment knowing that you made a difference.
Meeting like-minded people in an exciting environment is bound to create lasting bonds.
Not all skills are like riding a bicycle. Actually, most are not.
Develop new skills. Rediscover lost ones.
Social & eco-responsibility is something many people talk about but too few actually act upon – be one of the doers!

Let’s fight together the changes and challenges along the Northern Edge of the Sahara

In the region of Errachidia tourism, linked with the spectacular development of transportation, is emerging as an economic alternative able to employ the young people who abandon the agricultural world, even though its impact is still currently limited to a few Moroccan oases. It is mainly an itinerant kind of tourism, based on large hotels managed by external entrepreneurs, with relatively little benefits for the local economic fabric. It is also interesting to notice, however, that “alternative” tourism, with all of its different faces (sport, ecology, architecture, folklore, gastronomy, spas, etc), is clearly spreading, even with very little support from the Governments, and is already playing a significant role in several communities. Alternative tourism, thanks to a more direct relationship with local population, is able to start virtuous circles that can lead to interesting examples of auto-centred development, especially through the contribution of migrants’ remittances. While mass tourism tends to overuse the natural resources of a territory that it does not truly know, alternative tourism generally gets to know the territory and its problems much better and is able to promote more environmentally friendly behaviours and investments